What 2018 was ✨


I graduated from high school, turned 18, started pursuing my dreams, started to serve God in a different and surprising way, met a lot of people, experienced a lot of things (blurry paths and changes) that I never thought I would be able to endure. I slowly discovered myself, the things that I like and slowly remained in silence as I started to discover the real meaning of ‘worth’. God taught me to slowly take risks, accept the things that are happening in my life & learn from it. All of these are only possible because of the people around me, and the grace He’s given that flows within me. I am becoming a better person because of this and I pray to seek for more until it fully suffices my need to give more and love more.

Image may contain: Millen May Arellano, smiling, tree and outdoor

may 2019 be filled with love, sincerity, patience, new adventures, and new people that will help me build my character, spirituality and memorable relationships to be treasured forever. I am also looking forward that this year will be filled with growth and be granted with a room for change and improvement.

Cheers to a hopeful 2019!

photo was taken last January 2018. (📷Alyssa De Ocampo)


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